Writer from Norway told what will happen to Russia in a hundred years


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Moscow, April 29 – AIF-Moscow.

Russia face the same fate as the “other Empire” – it will “expand until it collapses,” said the Norwegian writer Erik Fatland. Her words quoted by Berlingske.

Getting accustomed to the future. Can you see Russia through a keyhole?

Fatland during the year traveled to the bordering Russian States to describe a country “outside”. For 259 days, she visited 14 countries, which, in her opinion, due to its geographical position has influenced the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union.

On the basis of their impressions about the trip the writer made a prediction about Russia’s future. Finland noted with surprise that the Russian-speaking citizens living in the border States want to rejoin Russia. In this case, she said that Russians are ready to “use every opportunity” to expand. In the opinion of the writer, Russia is waiting for the change of borders and collapse.

“I can’t say exactly when it will happen, but I don’t think 100 years from now the border will look like now,” she concluded.

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