To work as best as possible. The level of employee engagement in Russia increased


According to analysts, in companies where engagement index exceeds 60%, profit higher than the competition. And high indicators of the company are directly dependent on how employees are ready to perform the best job possible and to feel a personal responsibility for the result.

To obtain an objective result of evaluation of the level of employee engagement necessary to conduct a range of activities, for example, in the testing, participated as ordinary employees and managers. It is also important that they were representatives of different departments and different age groups.

Korn Ferry Research from Hay Group shows that in Russia for the last 5 years this index increased by 6% and is now 69%.

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Different companies, both Russian and Western, hold various events to increase the level of employee engagement. According to experts, companies with a high level of involvement of staff turnover 40% lower staff for 10% more likely to exceed expectations, and 5-year revenue growth 2.5 times higher than companies with low in the same metric.

People who share our corporate values, serve customers, care for property that eventually becomes economically profitable, analysts say.

Major global brands regularly conducted studies of employee engagement. This helps to track the success of implementing a new business model and organizational structure.

Just yesterday, the company Tele2 has published the data of research of a level of involvement, which by the end of 2017 amounted to 80%. Over the past two years it has increased from 73% to 80%. At this level significantly ahead of Tele2 and higher than in Russia, and successful global companies. To this end, the company had strengthened internal communication, actively promoted corporate values through games and digital projects and running educational programs. “Historically, Tele2 Russia had a well-developed corporate culture, but it was our sighting work on the involvement of employees gave great results. At the level we are much ahead of not only average figures but also the results of financially successful companies in the world. It says regular, focused and high-quality work with influencing factors. First of all, about the right mix of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation”, — said Elena Ivanova, Director on work with personnel of the company.

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