The store of the future. Moscow to host exhibition of marketing communications


The event will be attended by marketers, market analysts, customers, developers, manufacturers of promotional products and advertising agencies. Here is all you need to promote companies and brands: digital and traditional systems to promote sales, advertising printing, Souvenirs, Internet services, equipment and supplies.

The most important section of the exhibition — promotion in the areas of sales and maintenance of retail. Responding to the market demands, actively developing direction of digital signage. A new section of the Shop Design brought to the exhibition a collective stand from China.

Annually the event is visited by around 10,000 experts: managers and employees of departments of marketing and advertising, representatives of retail chains and retail outlets, brands, and companies.

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What will be the “DESIGN and IS NEXT”?

The exhibition will run sections: “Design, branding, creative,” “Promotion of goods at the point of sale, POS Displays”, Digital signage, ShopDesign, “Promotional printing”, “Gift promotional products”, “Materials and equipment”, “Internet advertising”, “new products”, “Education” and “Press”.

Will work a boutique exhibition of novelties, souvenir and gift products “Premier League”. This year will be a collection of fall 2017 — spring 2018. Here, the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the industry will present the newest developments in the field of gift and souvenir products and talk about trends in the industry.

Simultaneously with the exhibition “DESIGN AND ADVERTISING NEXT” pass “the design of the NEXT. Design from ideas to prototypes.” This project is a continuation of the First Moscow Biennale of design, successfully held in April 2017.

The event will feature pilot projects and programs. The exhibition will demonstrate the latest achievements in design across a broad spectrum of areas of its being: industrial design, graphic design, information design, environmental design, fashion design, trading spaces, design elements, promotion, and event design.

At the exhibition you can see the exhibition from the British higher school of design, MGHPA them. S. G. Stroganov, school of design, HSE and the festival of universal design and best design projects in Poland and Czechoslovakia of the sixties of the XX century.

Business program of the forum

In 2018 in the framework of the exhibition more than hundreds of business events where experts from various fields will talk about the existing trends of the industry. Will be organized many performances of foreign speakers, among whom are representatives of England, Holland, Italy, France.

The event will be held international business forum “Marketing in retail”, “Retail Workshop”, will be units of branding, retail, souvenir products, design, digital, television and film advertising, social advertising, event technology, press and media, SMM, marketing services.

Also will be screenings of works by laureates of “25 fps”, English EPICA Awards, American AICP, Clio Awards, Adstars, Korean and Russian ADFuture.

Special events

In 2018, the event will open the exhibition of the 14th contest of POSM and in-store communication POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS. It 64 the company introduced the 425 projects. Last year the jury was presented 320 displays. Thus, the competition ranked second in the world after the US in number of POS-displays and projects. Also will feature several special categories.

Also on display will be organized a festive event and environmental design. The project covers all areas of integrated and local decoration of spaces, design elements, and the preparation of festive events. In 2018 in the competition participates a lot of bright and interesting projects in the category “Event design”. Leading the number of applications in the category “Festive design” in the category “Design of shopping Mall, retail facilities”. The jury will be composed of the heads of administrations of the largest cities of the Russian Federation, representatives of industry media, architects, designers, experts in retail branding and visual merchandising.

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18th professional competition in television advertising “25 Kadr” is a non — profit project. In the competition involving promotional videos taken by customers and aired during 2017. The competition jury composed of producers, production companies, set the rollers to the contest.

At the time of the exhibition in Central house of artists will move to Digital café “Larks & Owls”. Here will showcase the possibilities of digital technologies from companies SpinetiX, LG, DigiSky, “Electronic money” and “Bum-art” and “Initium”. Cafes, using innovative digital signage technologies and showing the economic effect of their implementation, will work all days of the exhibition.

The trend show DIGITAL IN RETAIL will present innovative solutions and start-up projects. Among the participants of the company Geomatrix — SaaS that allows retailers to open only profitable increase and to protect traffic in open stores, “Criollo”, which is a developer and manufacturer of multimedia chairs as an individual digital space with the immersive, the company “AMS”, which will show a transparent window of augmented reality in the inverse matrix. And glasses virtual reality “CHEP” viewers will be able to see the store of the future.

*Professionals can register for “DESIGN AND ADVERTISING NEXT” on the exhibition website

Special thanks to the Department of media and advertising of Moscow

With the support of:

Association of marketing at retail POPAI-Russia
National Association of advertising and souvenir industry (NARCY)
The Association of communication agencies of Russia (AKAP)
Of the Association of Russian branding companies (abcr)
The Russian Association of marketing services (rams)
Association of communication Directors and corporate media of Russia (AKMR)
Association for marketing Russia

Opening hours:

On April 10 from 11:00 to 19:00
April 11-13 from 10:00 to 18:00

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