The media learned the name of the FBI informant in the campaign headquarters trump


The FBI really were sent to campaign headquarters trump’s informant, who was in contact with suspected of having links with Russian advisors. This man was a CIA agent involved in the scandal with the elections in the 1980s

Stefan Halper

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“As a result of the intricate actions of the major media and their anonymous sources in the U. S. government job Stefan Halper for the FBI in 2016 has become publicly known”, — writes the edition of The Intercept.

The author notes that the journalists of the Washington Post and the New York Times did not mention the name of an FBI informant, although he provided so much information about him that anyone could learn his name through Google.

So, the NYT reported that American academic who teaches in Britain. In the summer he spoke with a former adviser to Donald trump George Papadopoulos and regularly saw others his Advisor Carter page. WP described it as “an American Professor Emeritus”, which saw Paige.

NYT added that the informant was well known in Washington, he worked in past Republican administrations and was a source of information for the CIA for many years. The New York Times noted that the name of the informant is not disclosed “for his own safety”. In the material the Washington Post has a clause that the name of the informant is not called in order not to endanger it.

Under this description Stefan Halper — CIA operative, who teaches at Cambridge, and in the past was involved in the scandal connected with elections in the United States, writes the Intercept. It also drew attention to the publication the Daily Caller. In 1980, the campaign staff of Ronald Reagan used the CIA, which was led by Halper and former CIA Director George Bush senior to get information about the views of U.S. President Jimmy Carter on foreign policy and his plans to conduct televised debates. It is assumed that this information helped Reagan win the election in 1981.

On Friday, may 18, trump wrote on his Twitter that, according to media reports, his campaign “for political reasons was introduced at least one representative of the FBI.” “It happened very early, long before the fake hoax with Russia has been a hot story for the fake media. If true, this is the biggest political scandal,” wrote trump.

“There is nothing unusual or improper in the fact that the FBI uses informants in the investigation,” writes the Intercept. “But the use of Halper and strange statements designed to conceal his identity, do raise questions”. For example, a Democrat from the Senate intelligence Committee, mark Warner talked about the fact that the disclosure of the identity of the informant may be a crime.

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