Knights at a crossroads. Who are we? Who are we? Where are we going?


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The viewer looking at the canvas, of course, will note one more circumstance: on the road and not at all. All overgrown with weeds. And around scattered bones and skulls. How to be a knight? To go forward, risking their lives, or to look the other way?

Even the horse…

Contemporaries Vasnetsov, especially from the camp of the patriots, noting the skill of the artist, criticized for his overly pessimistic interpretation of the story. “The painting conjures up the oppressive gloom and despair”, “even the horse” – they wrote. And reminded of the words of the hero of Russian-Turkish war and a favorite of Nicholas I, count Benkendorf: “as for the future (Russia), it is above all that can draw the boldest imagination”. The painting was recognized as harmful. How so? Knight doesn’t know where to direct the horse!

The controversy surrounding the picture – the case of bygone days. But the theme of the future of Russia is still relevant. Six years ago, in anticipation of the 2012 elections “Argumenty I Fakty” published an article “Hedgehog in the fog”.

Collage AiF/ Andrei Dorofeev.

On search of the future. “Society, as if frozen in incredulous anticipation. Good Russian hedgehog wandering in a thick fog campaign promises,” wrote the author. Today in 2018, while questions six and even twenty years ago remain. The continuation of the endless forums and “round tables” and clarity about the future as there was no and no. The idea of communism died, capitalism with the Eurasian face is not formed. In short, again, “even the horse”.
Conversations about who we are and where we go, whom to be friends and that we will not cease after the next presidential elections. Sociological service record serious “confusion and vacillation” in the assessments of what is happening in the country. The difference in sentiment is very high. From “all shut up for the belt” to “in 20 years Russia will become a raw materials appendage of China.”

Statistical error

The controversy is accompanied by a statement of the growing confidence literally all branches of government. Speaking of folk – to the “authorities.” How to believe? Here are 10 of April there was a sharp drop of the ruble against the dollar and the Euro. Many rushed to exchange for currency. And the Prime Minister on the same day reported to the President about “a whole the stable economy of Russia.”

What does the fall of the ruble?

Beyond doubt only the level of trust to Putin. The government, state Duma, courts, the police are “trustworthy” only a third of the population. Do not believe the words “superiors” more than 60%.

In fairness I must say that in other European countries the picture is about the same. With the exception of Sweden and Germany. There really is “the people and the party United”. But the crisis of confidence between the government and the population has become a global problem.

Suppliers “fake news” (usually in favor of the government) are increasingly becoming even statistical service. And when they are caught in inflating estimates of “growing prosperity”, they pretend that, say, “changed evaluation criteria”. As a result, the population willing to believe bad news and very reluctantly good. Recently, Rosstat reported that the average official salary in Russia is 4 times more than a doctor or teacher. Believed it.

Stories of lethal force. Who spreads fake news?

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A woman with firewood

However, for understanding what’s going on in the country, it is not necessary to watch TV. Often enough to look out the window to go outside. Especially in those regions where there is no money for vases with artificial flowers.

Noteworthy is the fact that our TV doesn’t like “stories from the field”. And suddenly the frame will get broken road, the debris hut, a shabby hospital, or a woman with a bundle of firewood on her back. Because to tell you the story of the emptying of villages and ruined towns in the Outback is, he says, is unpatriotic.

The final result. In “Winter cherry” killed 60 and not 64

True footage from the life of a forgotten Russia happen only when somewhere (in Kemerovo), catastrophe or when too stink dump. That is, when to hide people’s tears and resentment is impossible. But to build a report about the arrival of the Governor at a meeting with people – this is our sacred. The genre of “forced love” has become almost obligatory load to daily information diet.

However, during the rise of the “forced rapture” people are starting to find what was lost was the skill to “read between the lines” and “see between the frames”. Today, only 30% watching TV and reading the press believe in what is shown and written. Others are looking for alternative sources to understand what is happening in the country. People have learned to appreciate even the information that, in the opinion of the authorities, is “a powerful charge of patriotism.” And, increasingly, in the estimates of the observed discrepancies.

Designer emotion and scanner tailor. Who will be our children in 30 years?

Here is a recent example. Sociologists from the public opinion Foundation (FOM) found that 53% of our citizens would want their children and grandchildren have the military and 45% – by the KGB. And a dispute arose: is it good or not? “Great news! Evidence of the growth of patriotism and readiness to repel the enemies of Russia,” – say some. “No, it looks like the news is disturbing, say others. – Because if people are eager for military service, it means that they don’t see themselves in a future no engineers, no scientists, no doctors or teachers or builders. To protect the homeland, of course, honorable. But someone has to stand at the machine, to teach, to heal…” Question, in essence, is: do we need millions of Chapaevo and Anki-gunner or for the country’s future is more important than Sakharov, the Queen and the locksmith handy, “uncle Bob”?

In short, at a crossroads today we have not only knights, but also the people.

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