China sent to the disputed Islands strategic bombers


China sent to the disputed Islands in the South China sea, strategic bombers H-6K nuclear-capable weapons. The right of China to these territories disputed by several countries

Strategic bomber H-6K.

(Photo: Ministry of National Defense / AP)

On the Islands in the South China sea under the control of the PRC, the exercise of the Chinese air force organized the planting of several strategic bombers on the island airfield. This is with reference to the statement of the Chinese army, reports the China Daily.

As noted in Beijing, it was the first time the use of the airfield, built near the disputed Spratly Islands despite objections from the United States and other countries involved in the territorial dispute (among them the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia). At the island airport has landed strategic bombers H-6K nuclear-capable weapons. Before planting, they worked a simulated strike at sea targets. The exact location of the airfield and the island’s name in the message is not specified.

In a statement, Beijing notes that exercises with the use of strategic bombers of the air force, will help China to strengthen combat capabilities to counter Maritime threats.

The actions of the Chinese air force said in Washington. Press Secretary of the Pentagon Colonel Christopher Logan has accused China of increasing tensions in the region. “China’s continued militarization of the disputed territories in the South China sea only serve to increase tensions and destabilize the region”, — quotes its words Reuters.

Bombers H-6, used by the Chinese party are validly licensed copy of the Soviet Tu-16, removed from service Russian army in the early 1990-ies. Their later modification, the H-6K, equipped with more modern Russian-built engines and can carry six cruise missiles.

The teachings of the Chinese air force came amid the growing tension in the region. The reason is the territorial dispute over the Spratly archipelago, which is claimed by several countries. In early may it became known that on the disputed Islands, the Chinese military has placed anti-ship and anti-aircraft missile systems. May 17, Chinese foreign Ministry expressed its protest against the actions of Rosneft, began drilling in the territorial waters of Vietnam near the disputed territories.

First warning: why Beijing has criticized Rosneft


In the Spratly archipelago composed of 14 Islands and hundreds of reefs, their total area is less than 200 hectares. However, a large value gives them a strategic location and large reserves of oil and gas in the coastal areas.

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